‘Salt Water’ Taffy; A Boardwalk Staple

Do you remember when your parents told you to pack your bags because you were going to the Boardwalk for summer vacation? You could almost taste the Boardwalk fare food and feel the salty sea breeze as you strolled down the wooden way.

For many, the colorful, sweet and sticky saltwater taffy has been a Boardwalk staple that has created fond memories while spent at the Jersey Shore.

Whether it’s James’ Candy or Fralinger’s, the taffy has a defining moment behind its name…

In 1883, a high tide flooded the Atlantic City beach and candy stand of David Bradley. The salt water from the Atlantic Ocean soaked his entire stock of candy, which is where ‘Salt Water’ Taffy originated its name.

…And the rest is history!

FUN FACT: Around 1940, at the height of the taffy's popularity, visitors mailed over three million pounds to friends and family in one season. This figure didn't include the on-the-spot consumption.

Today, Salt Water Taffy is made in a variety of flavors and a favorite souvenir among tourists.

Next time you’re in Atlantic City, don’t forget to stroll the Boardwalk and satisfy your sweet tooth with saltwater taffy! 

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